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Pocket Miners - A Sneak Peak!
As mentioned in earlier posts Pocket Miners are truly unique to our project and are definitely designed to generate profits for the project on a long term basis. The miners are based on a Verified MacID Secured Payments Infrastructure technology. Using this technology it will be ensured that the coin cannot be mined with any other device. Three different variants Hexacore in the range of 100 USD, Octacore in the range of 150 USD and Decacore in the range of 200 USD are planned for release during the period starting from Oct 2018. We are already in discussion with Educational Institutes for Bulk Sales. These will also serve as Text books with pre-loaded EBooks and act as pocket miners to generate monthly income for students to subsidize their educational and living expenses. We expect to do the trial orders in the months of Sept and Oct 2018. Once we have executed these orders we will tie up with Amazon or create Web stores for Exclusive distribution of the Pocket Miners. After this we will launch stand alone Miners for automobiles which will just need a Data Connection and data cable for charging. these miners and will subsidize the fuel costs of vehicles. The mining algorithm will keep adjusting mining difficulty based on the number of devices sold. There by ensuring that every 14 to 15 months customers have to upgrade to the next model. They will recover the cost of the device in 7 to 8 months and keep making profit after that. The next stage is to tie up with ad exchanges particularly video ad exchanges and deliver video ads like TV ads on the pocket miners whenever some one wishes to check their balance or use it for other purposes without the option to skip ads. This will generate additional revenue for us and for the user. The possibilities are endless.. All this will come out in a White Paper soon. Don't want to give out too much of technical details because we don't want others to copy our technology and ideas. We are also in the process of filing for patent for these miners and the VMSP technology process Cheers Every One! Talk about this to potential investors .

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