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Pocket Miner - An affordable Product with a Strong Build Quality and Exceptional Features!

The basic idea behind the Pocket Miner is that it will be an affordable product with a strong build quality and exceptional features, designed for everyday use targeted at a wide range of customers who will be able to make money with it to subsidize their monthly expenses and recover their initial investment!

Affluent people who wish to squander their money on hyper brands are not our target! We are not a multi million dollar project. We will start in a humble manner and deliver a Totally Reliable and Dependable product in Pocket Miner which will be more of a necessity than a luxury item. 

The Student Edition will provide to be a friendly companion to School and College Students serving the purpose of Educating and Entertaining and more importantly Empowering the students by earning them some valuable pocket money! This will help them subsidize their educational and personal expenses thereby reducing the financial burden and dependence on their parents!  

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