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The latest release of the mining APP SWATMINER Lean Mining APP Display 24.11 is available for download. 

Pocket Miner owners can download this APP here from this page..  https://github.com/SWATCoin/SWAT-ERC20-Token/releases/tag/24.11 

To use it, the existing app has to be uninstalled first and then thee new APP has to be installed. Open the installed app and paste your wallet address, sign in and mine! Since the device is already authorized it will work just fine.. See attached screenshot of the new APP above..

Note: The large amount of mined coins is mainly due to the testing of all Pocket Miners before shipment with same Address (0x48850F503412d8A6e3d63541F0e225f04b13a544) before shipment and my own Pocket Miner running with the same address non-stop and mining continuously from the time the first version was released!

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