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Airdrop Announcement of 15500 SWAT Each to 1000 FatBTC Account Holders - Eligibility: Anyone with a FatBTC account is eligible to participate.
Greetings to all FatBTC members from the SWAT Coin Team!
SWAT is listed on FatBTC! See announcement here: https://www.fatbtc.com/notice-detail?id=465
Trading to be opened soon.
On the occassion of the new year and to celebrate the listing of SWAT on FatBTC we are announcing an airdrop of 15500 SWAT to first 1000 members who register with their FatBTC - SWAT address by sending a screenshot of their SWAT Address on FatBTC Account  along with their FatBTC - SWAT address link on Etherscan.io showing there is no transaction earlier as proof of airdrop not having been claimed already, to this email id: admin@swatcoin.network
Looking forward to your support, cooperation and participation in this airdrop event! Since the data for the airdrop has to be collected manually from email registrations received, request your patience till airdrop is completed. Will update as and when we complete the airdrop in batches.
Happy New Year Everyone! May the New Year bring with it great cheer, success, good health and happiness to all! Please inform about this offer to all other your friends with accounts on FatBTC.
Admin - swatcoin.network

The above message has been posted on official FatBTC Telegram Channel. Anyone of our members with FatBTC account can participate too!

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