Distributed Digital Dominance

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The Mission of our Project and the Disruptively Innovative Nature of our Product and why it warrants your support and Backing.
The business model is simple. It is like this. You buy a TV. You watch some content on it through you cable TV or dish TV subscriptions and while you watch your favorite channels and programs you also watch a lot of advertisements. But the irony is that though the TV company earns profit from your purchase, the Cable or Dish TV service provider earns profit from your Subscriptions and the Channels you watch earn from the Ads that you watch. But none of this revenue and profit is shared with the individual user. You just end up spending and remain contented with this! All this is about to change with our innovative product the Pocket Miner! PM CORP is the Parent Company of SWAT. This is a Security Token Offer by PM Corp for taking the SWAT Coin Project to the next level.

Global Mobile Ad Spending is at an all-time high and is expected to hit approximately 200 Billion USD in 2019.. We just want 0.01 % of it! Which is 20 Million Dollars! The Mining APP through its innovatively interactive nature with rewards for certain interactions to keep the mining going will aim to get just .1 % of this global mobile ad revenue in the next 4 years and share it with the mining users. The Pocket Miner will also be a device through which digital content will be delivered to users and generate revenue through this revenue stream which in turn will be shared with the mining users. Finally the revenue from the sale of the APP and the Pocket Miner too will be shared with the miners.
The project has a MVP in the Pocket Miner which is based on an extreme lean mining technology using the SWATMINER APK an android app, which consumes negligible amount of resources be it CPU, GPU, RAM, DATA, Bandwidth or Battery.  A Coin with a project, Minimum Viable Product and Great Future Potential. The Pocket Miner has already been sold to Users in South Korea, USA, Luxembourg, Italy, Nigeria, India and in those places where there are delivery restrictions the SWATMINER APP has been sold, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Indonesia and Vietnam, Poland, Estonia, Netherlands for example and we hope to be able to deliver Pocket Miners to these locations soon
Distributed Digital Dominance:
What is Distributed Digital Dominance? Today our lives are dominated by the 5 Corporate Digital Giants GAFA and Microsoft, GAFA signifies Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. These dominant digital giants became prominent during the past two decades. Microsoft has been in existence for a bit longer than that. These Digital Giants have established their dominance over our lives by controlling the way we search for, acquire, process, share and use information. They also control the way we learn, educate ourselves, entertain ourselves, work within office spaces, purchase goods and services and communicate with each other. And now with the soon to be introduced Libra of Facebook and the already launched Google Pay and Amazon Pay these Digital Giants will attempt to control the way we make financial transactions with each other. With the active use of Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis these digital giants will also attempt to control the way we make decisions in the future. We might have already experienced this by the way Amazon makes suggestions about what is recommended for us based on the in depth study and analysis of our past behavior. The same is done by Google when we search for something buy throwing up advertisements that match our searches or by showing suggested videos on Youtube when we search for some videos. The result is concentration of wealth among a few Companies and a small section of the society. Our aim, is to break this Concentrated Digital Dominance of these Corporate Giants by diluting it through Distributed Digital Dominance.
How do we achieve this? Enable the common man by providing him with easily accessible and affordable technology and through it share with him the revenue earned by the three different revenue streams of the project. First is to put a Pocket Miner or any Android Device with the SWATMINER APP installed in it in the hands of hundreds of thousands of deserving people from the 1 billion population who live in this world with less than 2 USD per day income. And then share the Ad revenue, Sales Revenue and Content Delivery revenue from the project with each individual user by distributing their share through the block chain by way of the mined SWAT that is minted and credited to the mining addresses of individual miners on an hourly basis. Though now we have AdMOB of Google as the ad network integrated with the Mining APP in future we will have local Ad Collection Centers across the globe through an entity called SWATMEDIA which will collect these ads from small shops and local business houses and deliver it to the mining screens of the individuals based on their individual locations without the help of Google or any other major Ad Network. Those who live in the bottom of the Pyramid is a hugely untapped target segment which will be targeted directly the way local TV channels are  presently doing without the intervention of the Big Corporate houses. So the individual mining users will be empowered by the revenue that is shared with them which they earn by mining and the small business houses and small friendly neighborhood shops will be empowered by the very effective specifically targeted cost effective advertisements without the intervention of the big corporate houses and media houses who charge hefty mediating fees and yet don’t share their revenue with the end users. These giants also charge unreasonably high advertising rates which only the bigger businesses can afford. Individual users are empowered, Individual Small Local Businesses are empowered and without the intervention of the big names! This is in essence Distributed Digital Dominance! There is a case study in India in which a local search and local business database aggregator “Just Dial” which became very popular and google suppressed it by removing just Dial from its search results. Such a thing will not happen in the future with Distributed Digital Dominance.
The Story, the Struggles and the Success thus far!

We have faced several small issues at every stage in crossing the various milestones of our project,  Be it issuing tokens, developing our blockchain on CryPtoNote Initially with the Android Mining App for CrypToNote Mining.. Shifting to WAVES Platform and then shifting to the non-mineable ERC20 token for listing on Yobit and then on to the upgraded mining enable ERC20 asset that is the present form of SWAT Coin, which Yobit failed to update, and the several issues we had to face because of it, Launching different versions of our Pocket Miners and SWATMINER APKs, Logistics issues and our tie-up with FedEX for efficient deliveries, Getting on Amazon APP Store and then getting removed, Working hard to get the 1000 Accounts on FatBTC Exchange and getting listed there and today being the most actively traded Coin on the FAT Market on the exchange, Using subscription model for getting listed on p2pb2b and even though now we have informed of our inability to pay high subscription Fees and requested them to de-list, SWAT still being traded there since p2pb2b considers our project to have great potential. Getting Listed on Google Play Store, Getting Google ADMOB Ad Network Integration, And then the need to update the ADMOB APP ID & Ad Unit Ids after APP Store Listing, and Currently the successful launch our own Decentralized Exchange SWATX DEX, Yesterday’s listing on Coinlim, In total SWAT is on 6 Exchanges now!
All these milestones that were on our first Road Map achieved within the deadlines clearly establishes the inherent strength of the project. How we have not just survived and overcome all these issues, but grown into a more stronger and resilient project over the past 1 year and 3 months shows the solidly stable nature of our project.. We don't hide our mistakes.. We share it openly with our investors and have worked hard to rectify each and every issue and thus gained the trust of our entire community, We are sure in the same way with the additional funding we will come out as stronger and more efficient and professionally managed project and reach our short-term goals and eventually realize our Project’s Mission of enabling Financial Inclusion and Empowerment in a sustainable manner successfully. 

Major Motivation and Driving Force Behind the Project:

One of the major uses predicted for Block Chain Technology over the next 10 years is Financial Inclusion and Poverty Eradication through Affordable Block Chain Technology.
Over the next ten years significant improvements in the world’s standard of living can be achieved through the development of block chain technology. Poverty and income discrepancy are the most difficult problems facing human beings. It needs tremendous compassion and strong political will among Global Leaders to overcome this seemingly insurmountable problem. Close to 1 billion people live on less than $2 a day today. More than 2 billion people don't have access to proper banking and financial services. Though the overall living standards keep increasing on the one side and world’s GDP is on the rise, the truth is due to concentrated digital dominance the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Block chain technology has the potential to shrink the poverty gap through Financial Inclusion and Easy Access to Block Chain Technologies through simple, easily accessible and most importantly affordable technology. This is where we as the SWAT Coin project intend to play a role and hopefully make an impact in the lives of millions of people in the future over the next 10 years. Hope is the biggest driving force in this world and it is great that we the SWAT Coin Community have it in abundance. It is our duty as the privileged section of human society to give hope to those fellow human beings who are forced live their entire lifetime in hopelessness and despair.
Security Token Offer Details:
Please Note: This is not an ICO.. It is an STO.
We are offering a combination PMCORP Security Tokens and SWATMINER APPS and Pocket Miners as Rewards for Investors. We have created a Security Token Called PCORP which will be converted to PM CORP Stocks once PM CORP is listed on Stock Exchanges in 18 to 24 Months. We will reward Investors at the rate of 100000 PMCORP Security Tokens per ETH committed to the project. For our hard cap target of 5968 ETH, this will mean issuing 596.8 Million PMCORP security tokens which is approximately 20% of max supply. In addition to this backers will receive SWATMINER APPs and different Models of Pocket Miners as gifts as per the following grades.
PMCORP Token Contract Address:
Silver Grade: 1 to 5 ETH
PMCORP Security Tokens at the rate of 1 ETH = 100000 PMCORP
Plus 2 SWATMINER APKs worth 110 USD each.
Gold Grade: 6 to 10 ETH
PMCORP Security Tokens at the rate of 1 ETH = 105000 PMCORP
Plus 1 Pocket Miner UNI worth 236 USD (Subject to delivery availability to destination country by FeDEX our logistics partner). If delivery not available suitable and equivalent reward will be given as a substitute
Platinum Grade: 10 ETH and Above
PMCORP Security Tokens at the rate of 1 ETH = 110000 PMCORP
Plus 1 Pocket Miner Student Edition worth 309 USD (Subject to delivery availability to destination country by FeDEX our logistics partner). If delivery not available suitable and equivalent reward will be given as a substitute.

Road-map (Development Plan)
What has been achieved till now can be seen in detail on our project websites and links below.
Project Website: http://www.swatcoin.network/
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5128167.0
Etherscan Contract Address with All Project Related Links Updated
Road Map Till Dec 2020: Visual Representation.
More Details here:
Team Visual Representation
We are a group of simple individuals from diverse Geographical, Linguistic, Educational, Social, Cultural and Technological background who have come together, driven by this one passion called the SWAT Coin Project. Our only purpose is to make this mission of ours come true!
We invite you to be part of this great team and ambitious social entrepreneurship project by backing us!
You can see more about our team members here.
Current Stage of Construction at Project Site:
PM Corp Registration Certificate:
The Site is Located in the Rural Districts of Southern India. Presently we are sourcing our devices from OEM suppliers and Installing the SWATMINER APPs and delivering it to customers. Our aim is to source components locally and import only key components and assemble the device here to make it as a multi-functional android device with rugged build quality.
Work Shed Inner View: The construction has been progressing over the past 9 months. The Site is being powered by two power sources. The primary source being a 3 Kilowatt Photovoltaic System with 24 hours battery back up sufficient to power the unit completely on Solar Power. Back up power supply is regular Electric Supply from State Run Electricity Distribution Company.
Email: admin@swatcoin.network
Telegram: https://t.me/SWATAdmin

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