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Project Update: We are in the process of trying to rectify and remedy some of the issues with SWAT mining experienced frequently with earlier versions of the SWATMINER APK when we release the Android 11 version. We expect to be able to complete this in the next few days. We are pursuing with our efforts to promote the PMCORP pre-sale using different channels. We have been working on our Educational content delivery initiative through Pocket Miners for varied courses from Web/App Development to Blockchain Protocols to Digital Marketing to Entrepreneurship Development. Benjamin our D & M Team Member from Nigeria has been instrumental in spearheading our efforts in this area. We are expecting some good news and announcements about these initiatives in the coming weeks.

MYFIE has a regular group of contributors from various different countries starting from Indonesia to Thailand to Bangladesh to Nigeria to Mexico to Argentina to Venezuela. But we don't have much representation from Europe, US and Canada. We are targeting these Geo's with some advertising focused on these countries to acquire new users from these regions. We expect to see the results from this effort soon. There has been a lot of interest in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) related projects of late. We have always stressed on this with SWAT right from the beginning. We will highlight this more in our fundraising efforts in the future. In order to show our appreciation to the incredible support and trust shown by our community, we are planning to announce an interim dividend as a reward to all our Investors and token holders by the end of this month. Will make an announcement regarding this shortly. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Cheers everyone!

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